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Santa Maria Raphaela Tasse Program

Help the self esteem and success and give education to the children: Santa Maria Rafaela is the nuns foundation that we are supporting.

It is based on the Tasse program which helps with the schooling and education for the children.(between 5 to 18yrs)
Tasse is in Bairro de Fonte da Prata, a very poor area. These children are marginalised and or orphaned or from broken families or refugies.

These refugees come from some of the following countries Cape Verde, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Angola and Mozambique and of course including the local community. 

This project helps the community and is under the Nuns sisters supervision. We will continue to support them from AMOR. These are our fist projects in Europe. Very significant step for our mission to serve humanity which is very close to my heart.

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